About me

My name is Carla, a local pastry chef from Barcelona and a foodie who is always involved in delicious adventures. The beautiful thing about my passion is that it's limitless. I am constantly discovering and learning new flavor combinations and techniques, and love being inspired by the international connections that I make. Food and chocolate make us happy!

Since I was a child I found a lot of joy in cooking and would always bake everybody's birthday cake. After starting three degrees, I finally became a pastry chef. I have always been very lucky to have fun jobs like making desserts for restaurants with lots of freedom, organizing cooking and baking workshops, and working as a gastronomic guide with many kinds of food tours. A huge bonus is that it has enabled me to meet people from all over the planet along the way. 

Flavors & chocolate, it's something magical that unifies us in a very sweet way.
Chocolate has always taken its place somewhere between passion and obsession, balancing gracefully on that fine line. I’m happy to present our choco-traditions and share with you our local chocolate delights and sins.

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